I’ve known Lisa for a little over 5 years. We originally met when I hired her to lead a nutrition workshop for underserved teens with whom I was working weekly. She both inspired and charmed them with her gregarious and insightful fact-based nutrition coaching.

A testament to her value, I have since worked with Lisa personally, both one-on-one and in a group setting to explore greater health in my food and movement life. What I love about Lisa’s approach is her whole-ism. She really walks her talk living a disciplined healthy lifestyle without depriving herself or her clients. Lisa understands nutrition and nourishment as more than just food and weight-loss. She is a deeply researched and certified coach with knowledge in diverse fields. She has supported my inquiries in dance, pilates, yoga, spirituality, meditation, substance-abuse and recovery (in my family), how to lead a healthy vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and pre-natal nutrition, among other things. She has a vast network and has connected me with professionals across modalities including bodyworkers and yoga teachers. Lisa is a well-spring of healing information that works. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to up level their performance and find a deeper mindfulness in the kitchen and beyond.

Davie-Blue,  Los Angeles, CA

Just wanted to thank you again for the super positive experience you shared with me, and the healthy life style changes you created for me that I will benefit from for the rest of my life. You are a very special person, and what you bring to your clients makes such a tremendous difference in how they live their lives. 

Jeffrey N,  Los Angeles, CA


Lisa has changed my life. She guided me through a transformation in eating and lifestyle that in just a few short months yielded the results I was looking for.

When I arrived in LA, I was stressed, having problems with fatigue, and coming to terms with a recurrent breast cancer diagnosis. I needed advice and support. My blood sugar was unstable and I seemed to hang on to a little extra weight no matter what I did. With Lisa’s guidance and coaching, we identified simple changes in my eating and daily living habits that have revitalized not only my body, but also my life and attitude.

Lisa explains and educates in a way that is remarkably effective and easy to grasp. I am continually impressed by her knowledge and generosity in sharing that knowledge with her community. Whether you are ready for change and need a little guidance, or if you need ongoing support in the face of serious medical issues, Lisa is an amazing partner on that journey. I feel encouraged and enabled to live my best life possible in challenging circumstances.

Kelley O',  Fayetteville, AR 


Lisa is a highly qualified and knowledgeable Nutritional Therapist.  Her patience, dedication, commonsense approach and compassion empowers clients to take charge of their own health and vitality.  I'm forever grateful.  

Angela B, Los Angeles, CA


Thank you Lisa,I have to say that you are truly wonderful. Your follow up notes are amazing and the nutritional advice and education outstanding.  I've lost at least 100 lbs on a variety of diets. But I could never commit to eating that way for life. Shakes, counting points, frozen, processed food - I've done it all.  And eventually, I gained all the weight back and more. I was becoming more and more desperate as I realized I had joint problems, my sugar levels were slowly creeping up, and I had silent inflammation. Lisa taught me how to stop dieting and start eating healthy. She explained about physiology and biochemistry in a way I could understand. She helped me completely revamp the way I eat, wean myself off sugar, and find foods that were delicious and filling. After each session with Lisa, I got notes summarizing our discussion, her recommendations, and some new recipes. I've learned about good fats, and omega 3's. I've also learned how bad sugar is for you and why. But slowly the weight is coming off. More importantly is that I'm moving better, faster and have improved balance. My joints aren't hurting like they used to. It wasn't easy. It takes work to make any long lasting change. But it's definitely worth it! Thank you, Lisa!

Theresa K,  Yorktown Heights, NY

I came to Lisa because of my stomach and digestion issues, mostly consisting of acid reflux. I had been using acid blockers for almost 20 years with no fix or end in sight.  My first goal of stopping the use of acid blockers while managing my stomach discomfort was completely met within 2 months of working with Lisa.  In much broader terms – and more importantly – I have now completely redefined my relationship with food.  I see the connection between understanding what I am about to eat and bringing joy into the experience without fear of consequences.  I am now even interested in cooking! BIG CHANGE in my life!! Thank you, Lisa :) 

Carlos P,  Los Angeles, CA

”From the get-go, I liked your ability to converse intelligently and passionately about holistic nutrition as well as health, and hot topic issues in general (GMOs).  Upon getting to know you, I appreciated your guidance.  You were able to direct me towards information that I had access to, but didn’t know about, and point out facts that were fascinating and pivotal to me.  I have never worked with a coach before, but I imagine that’s what our experience was kind of like;  I set goals and met them,  had pitfalls and overcame them, and I actually changed  my worst- of-all habit, eating corn tortilla chips! A year later, I continue to avoid them on a daily basis, I do not miss them, and when I eat them (on occasion) I enjoy them. Another enjoyable aspect of working with you was how down to earth you are, your forthrightness and what  a great sense of humor you have!” 

Tanya C,  Seattle, WA

“What I enjoyed most about working with Lisa is her clear, concise communication style.  Every meeting, phone call or email included a recap of WHAT we were working on, helpful instruction on HOW to improve my food intake, and information on WHY eating simple, clean foods are better choices for overall health.  Lisa made sure to tailor all of this to my goals, lifestyle and interests, so that eating healthy felt like a simple shift rather than like a major life overhaul. I never left an interaction wondering if I could do this — I always left Lisa thinking to myself, 'When do I get to start?'  I think her ability to give me practical tools and motivation are the keys to making what I hope are life-long changes.” 

Bryan H,  Los Angeles, CA

”I learned something brand new that no one else had ever explained to me; and I had never read it in all of my exhaustive studying on the subject of nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle, and even weight loss resistance.  You are the sole trusted expert who listened to me, actually heard the essence of what I was saying, and offered me a simple, succinct yet profound and targeted answer that I could easily and quickly implement.  I love that you are so knowledgeable and not biased.  So many nutrition experts believe there is no only right way, and all other approaches are wrong.  You gave me a holistic, rather than a reductionist, overview which makes sense to me.” 

Phyllis Z,  Atlanta, GA