My approach has always been very HOLISTIC.  

I look deeply at how all of the body’s inter-dependent systems work uniquely, specific to each individual, all the while encompassing the bigger picture - and all aspects of life that could be impacting someone’s well-being.  Nutritionally, I work from a paradigm where FOOD HEALS starting with the foundations of health: Digestion, Blood Sugar, Essential Fatty Acids, Hydration and Vitamins/Minerals.  Working together, we can address your own bio-individuality to identify imbalances in the body, food intolerances and uncover nutritional deficiencies.

My guidance provides education, support, accountability, inspiration and a partner on your journey to optimal health.  I’m not just talking about food, I’m also going to teach you how your LIFESTYLE choices affect your weight, mood and overall energy. Understanding how things like digestion and how or when a person eats, whether they are getting good sleep and exercise, or how community, friends, family and belief systems impact daily life and vitality.

Following specific approaches and protocols as determined by my education, training and certifications in Functional Nutritional Therapy, Dance, Pilates, and Yoga and years of personal growth and spiritual work, I provide clients with helpful tools to use in their healing process: food knowledge, topic specific handouts, recipes and meal plans, podcasts, videos, mindfulness, habit shifting, exercises and resources to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs.  We use these as a pathway to healing, and ultimately a thriving state of well-being.  I focus on how to nourish our bodies and our spirits - it's not about deprivation.  Taking into consideration the entirety of WHO we are, including: how we live, eat, think and interact with the world we live in - I want you to feel EMPOWERED by understanding how your diet and lifestyle choices impact your vitality and keep you feeling VIBRANT.

I believe we are TRANSFORMED by the choices we make.  How we NOURISH our bodies has an impact not only on our WELL-BEING and VITALITY, but also our MIND-SET and SPIRIT.

I live in sunny Los Angeles now, where I continue my nutrition, lifestyle and movement coaching with individuals, small and large groups, and on retreats.